IPODSLAVE 0.6.1 - an iPod IO slave for KDE

This ioslave enables KIO aware linux apps like konqueror or amarok to access the Music stored on an Apple iPod. It further allows you to organize playlists and uploading tracks.

To have access to your iPod mount it (some distros do this automatically when the iPod gets plugged in) and open the URL "ipod:/". You'll get a list of 3 directories: Artists, Playlists and Utilities.

You can copy songs from an Album to a playlist, move tracks between playlists or albums. You can also add new mp3 files to the collection.
Be aware though that the changes you make aren't saved automatically to your iPod's database - use the "Synchronize" utility under ipod:/Utilities for this. Make sure though you have a backup copy of your original iTunesDB file. This file can be found under iPod_Control/iTunes/iTunesDB in the directory struture of your iPod. If you open the Synchronize utility it'll provide a link to this file that you just can drag and drop to a save place.

What works?

Whats planned (and still missing)

Quirks/known bugs



In order to be able to parse and write the iTunesDB file I've written a small library (libitunesdb) which is part of the project. This could be used to make other Apps "iPod aware"


Thanks go to the developers, contributors and all the people involved in KDE for their awesome Desktop environment. As the developer of this IOslave special thanks go to the inventors of the KIO framework which made this possible.



To download the latest release go to the files section of the sourceforge project page


You can find the project homepage at http://kpod.sourceforge.net
The sourceforge project summary page ist at http://sourceforge.net/projects/kpod